Cleaner Is Greener

Clean Water and Environmental Conservation

We provide many solutions for environmental issues through modern technology, advanced equipment and a network of like-minded groups.

Here at Cleaner Is Greener, we are structured to provide consulting along with design, and construction of systems for environmental improvements including reuse recycling, and waste conversion.

Clean water is an important objective throughout the world, and with many of the groups that we work with and represent.

Our services are many and include modifying existing facilities, ( public and private) for expansion, growth, and higher efficiency. We are designing and building turnkey facilities built from the ground up as well as providing new and used equipment for waste remediation.

Waste Reuse facilities employ methods of utilizing and remediation of common waste feedstocks in such a manner as to create new fuels, Bio-Char, charcoal briquettes and steam energy to create electricity, clean drinking water and other useful resources.

Sewage Mitigation - Microbiology induction systems introduce a culture of cannibalistic micro-organisms into sewer systems to eat up and eliminate up to 75% of sludge and Biosolids. This method reduces about 50% of the amount of electricity used by, and paid for by, waste water treatment plants. The left over sludge becomes a useful resource as a commodity for resale instead of paying to have it hauled away as waste.

Food Waste Utilization - We offer a solution that creates a strain of microbiology that it is flushed into the existing sewer system to reduce Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG), sewer sludge and other Bio-solids. These systems reduce or eliminate food waste hauling fees while helping improve the environment.

Manure - We have several systems for utilizing and reusing farming manure as a resource. Mountains of farm manure commonly seem to be a dauntingly expensive problem. Problems include downwind odors, ammonia saturated runoff and harmful leaching into surrounding water tables.

Poultry, horse, cattle, pig and hog manures are all highly usable and can provide clean energy and other environmental resources.

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And everyone is "welcome" to help save our planet. Please take the time to log on to our message board and tell us what events are occurring around you that others can join in and help. If we all work together, the environment will be a cleaner place for the next generation.


→ Public awareness is key to saving the environment. Our objective is to keep everyone informed as to what they can do to help.
→ Using some of the links provided and sharing with and motivating others is how we can conquer the evil monster, "Pollution"!
→ Please check back with us periodically to find out what is going on in your neighborhood.

New "Cleaner Is Greener" facilities employ methods of utilizing and remediation of common waste feedstocks in such a manner as to create fuels, charcoal briquettes and steam energy to create electricity.

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